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Philip Chaffin - WILL HE LIKE ME? (a love story),
Philip's latest album is WILL HE LIKE ME? (a love story), available now.
Philip Chaffin
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Philip's currently celebrating the release of his new album, Will He Like Me?. A groundbreaking album, it reimagines the Great American Songbook for the post-marriage-equality era, using 17 classic songs to tell a gay man's love story, from first date to final farewell. A New York Times 2018 Holiday Gift Guide Pick and a 2019 Bistro Award winner.  
Philip in Working at Britstol Riverside Theatre
Philip in Working at Bristol Riverside Theatre, Fall of 2016.

Philip in Working at Britstol Riverside Theatre
Philip singing "Country Roads" in When America Sings, Summer of 2017

Philip will be returning to Bristol Riverside Theatre for their annual winter musicale. Visit www.brtstage.org for more info. And in the spring, Philip will be bringing his one-man show to Baton Rouge, Los Angeles, New York City, Fort Lauderdale, and Austin; more details as we learn them!    
Congratulations to Philip: Grammy Award nominee for producing the cast recording of the Tony Award-winning Best Musical FUN HOME. This is Philip's third Grammy nomination, following his nod for the New Broadway Cast Recording of Follies in 2013 and the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Sondheim on Sondheim in 2011.    
Recent Recordings
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“Chaffin's vocals are golden.”
“Rewarding and engaging.”
Talkin Broadway
“2018 Holiday Gift Guide Pick!”
The New York Times

“A splendid male vocalist so at home in his own musical skin. The strong decision of approach by this out performer is to be applauded, but so is everything about the work here: glorious singing; in-the-moment intelligent phrasing; lusciously rich arrangements with strings that soar and swirl, and satisfying variety in tone and color. It's the beat of the human heart that seems to be the implied sound coming through loud and clearójoie de vivre, with heart skipping a beat or pounding with anxiety. The whole endeavor is spot on!” - Talkin' Broadway

“Chaffin, with his honeyed baritone and exquisite phrasing, embarks on a gay love story: an adventure that may be trailblazing to some, and simply the right album at the right moment for others.” - Stage & Cinema
“In 'Will He Like Me?' Philip Chaffin turns the great songs of love gay, merely by refusing to alter the titles and pronouns. From 'When I Marry Mr. Snow' to 'I Got Lost in His Arms,' Chaffin tells a familiar story that has never sounded so new.” - The New York Times

“After hearing Chaffin sing songs such as 'Lovely Lonely Man,' 'Tom,' 'Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe' and the title tune, you'll never listen to them in the same way again.” - OutClique

“Brings delight to a gay male audience who, just once, would like a gay romantic song that wasn't all heartbreak and despair.†My husband, who long ago gave up seeking anything useful from mainstream artists that would speak to him personally, was enraptured by this album. He specifically noted that Philip was one of the best singers he'd heard in years." - Another Damn Blog

“Unabashed, confident and relatable, Chaffin chooses songs that bring to mind an honest picture of gay men in love. The giddy first feelings; the minor (or maybe major!) irritations that getting to know someone bring out; the hard-won steadfast love that grows from fully sharing a life together; and finally the inevitable high price anyone pays for having a genuine and mortal love. Chaffin's vocals are golden” - Gay Boy Bible


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